Monday, November 7, 2011

*Norah Elisabeth*

Theeeeeeeeere she is!!!!! My lil niece, Norah Elisabeth, due March 24, 2012!!! I can't get over how cute she is even on sonogram! Her lil button nose! Ah, so cute! :) I am totally absolutely excited and cannoooooot wait!! :) :) We've all been hounding Meg N Barry forever about when they're going to have a baby! Finally!!! Three aunts... she's so spoiled already!! I can't go anywhere it seems like without buying her something! Hhaha!! As soon as Jeff heard it was a girl, he said oh no... this is going to be bad for my wallet! Lol! So true so true!! :) I just wanted to share this lil piece of heaven, aka my niece! :) That's all!!

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