Monday, October 25, 2010

*Summer & Fall Fun!!!*

Well it seems that school has taken over my life and has left me with zero time to write! BUT the other blame goes to the Love of My Life, Jeffrey Stephen Murray, who has also taken over my life! The details would be too much to write but in a nutshell, I "re-met" Jeff back in March! We went to and graduated high school together, swam together, did plenty of things together! It had been 7 years since I'd seen him, so of course, when he walked into my work, I was breathtaken! LOL! My my.. he's grown up! He's a handsome thing, he is! :) Since our first date in April, we've been inseparable and will be forever and ever! Who would've thunk!?!? Back then, if you told me I was gonna be with, fall in love with, and marry Jeff Murray, I probably would've looked at you and laughed but everything happens for a reason and life is full of so so many great surprises! This, is just one of them!! :) That's for sure! When ya know, ya know!!! I'm the absolute luckiest girl in the whole wide galaxy and couldn't ask for anything more!! Of course, a toooon has happened over the summer and now, fall, but the best way to show and tell is through pictures! So, here we go!!! :)
Skydiving!!! Craziness!
SEC showdown! grrr! :)
Go Jaguars!
Sister's Pic! My Big 2-5!
Me n my honey!
Team Brian vs. Team Jeff!My Birthday dinner!
Starbucks Run!!
Beach cruisin' bike rides!
The Rausch Ladies
Girl's Night Out!
The P.M.O. fan club!
Go P.M.O.!!
Gone shooting at the huntin camp!
My lil super trooper!
Jenny n Me! Bubba Gump's before my 1st Nascar Race!
Mama n Daddy came to visit! Happy Bday Mama!
Sun's Games!
THE pool party! :)
Summer pool fun!