Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So, I finally had my nursing orientation yesterday! I've been waiting for this for about 3 years now! It's definitely been tough and trying and my patience has definitely been tested but I'm finally here; to the point I'd never thought I'd reach! The thought of being a nurse can actually become a real dream, not something that seems so far off! The light at the end of the tunnel is already marked as December 2010 and I'm gonna go at it to the best of my ability! As I drove to orientation, I couldn't help but be extremely extremely overwhelmingly excited! I don't think a smile ever left my face and I probably annoyed people with the high pitched excited hellos I gave to every stranger that walked by! Haha! As I drove, I thanked the Lord for giving me this opportunity! I have no idea why He did or what in the world He wants me to do with it, but I am praying that He will guide me each and everyday of this new blind journey and that His light will shine through me to anyone I come in contact with! For now, I'm already studying (they gave us a lecture in orientation for a test on the very first day of school!) and that's all I really can do!!! I am so thankful, and overall, am so so so stoked! AHHH! 

*1 Corinthians 10:31
 "Therefore, whether you eat of drink or whatever you do, do ALL to the glory of God!"

Friday, August 14, 2009

*Too Long!*

Wow! It's been a while since I have written! I guess the only real reason is that I have been ridiculously busy!! But, it's an exciting busy!! I don't know where in the world to start! The best way to catch up is probably with pictures! I'll post some below! In a nutshell, though, the Lord's perseverance has proven to be sooo strong in my life.  The Lord has made it quite evident in my life that I have wandered away from His perfect plan in the past and that I needed to give up everything, every detail of my life that my own control and desires have reign in... and give it to Him...! Although they were and still are very difficult to deal with, as promised, the Lord never left my side! I never realized true surrender to the Lord would be so difficult... but then again, I never realized that sin had such a hold on my life, even as the Lord's child! But, when each day's path seemed unsure, when my restless heart wanted to give in, and when my trust, faith and patience were and still are being tested, it is then, in these hard times, that I'm able to realize and really feel God's hands holding onto me. It's strange how and why it takes such hard circumstances and so many tears to experience God's truths even after knowing and reading of them for years. I am so fortunate and so blessed, though, to be a saved child of God's to be able to feel His presence in my life. Without the Lord, I am absolutely nothing. There's a reason He brought me here, to this place down the path that I've had to come through... but, all in all, I cannot wait to see what the Lord has prepared for me in my future for His glory! :) So, as far as this life goes, let's try to catch up here! Hmmm April 17th I finally quit my job!!! Wha hooo! Wow, that was the best day ever! I walked out of there with a huge smile on my face! I spent the summer days being a lazy beach bum filling my days with activities like boogy-boarding, sharkstooth hunting, nature trail walking, gym training, and of course brim, bass and whatever else- FISHING!! Haha! Wow, this will probably go down in the books as the best summer ever! ah! So, my family came to visit in spring! That was fun! Then let's see what else... I went wakeboarding and actually got up for the first time, I went to see my parents in Washington where we went hiking, picnicking, Smallville touring, and Canada-roadtripping! While there, I found out that I got into Nursing school!!!! AAAAHHH!!! I have been waiting for that for a very very long time now! Great Great news!! I'm still praying about what the Lord wants me to with this and my Nursing/Medical career! There are so many options and as I go down this path, I'm praying that He will reveal His will in my career... to me! Basically, the Lord is truly working in my life in it seems like every single aspect of my life and the only truth I know is that He is not done with me yet and that He is constantly working in and through me as I long to follow Him every single day of my life! It's hard to believe I could be much happier!! :o) Phewf that's a lot of stuff huh?!

*Summer 09 Pics*

*Summer 09 Pics*

*Summer 09 Pics*

*Spring/Summer 09 Pics*

*Spring/Summer 09 Pics*

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ya know, a year ago I thought I was insane for going back to school. Everyone else thought I was absolutely crazy for working 8-10 during the day, doing school work all night long, getting paged and going back to work in the middle of the night, getting no sleep, going home just to wake up and do it all over again. Looking back, yep... I was insane. But, ya know one can only last so long living like that.  But, now I know why I have pushed myself so hard!! I've gotten to the point where I am going to quit my job! Wha hoo!!! I've saved up a little bit of money that will hopefully last me through the Nursing program-16 months! YAAAY! I'm definitely getting no-work-itis and already have a countdown: only 44 days until I can call it quits... no more work! And I... am utterly super dooper excited!!! I have never not worked while going to school and caring for myself! I cannot wait to see what the future holds! I never thought I would be able to do this!!! But, everything seems to be working out perfectly! I cannot wait to see what'll come up next! I am so blessed in this life and for that, I am truly thankful! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

*Life of Love*

I am oh so truly blessed in this life.  I am so amazed at what the Lord has done for me, through ups and downs in recent days and years.  It seems that I have to splash myself in the face with cold water in order for me to realize that this is not a dream...this is life... the life the Lord planned for me.  Today, I am more in love with the Lord than what seems like ever! It hit me today as I was day dreaming at work again at how wonderful the Lord is to me, even when I don't realize it.  Do I deserve his love, his forgiveness, and his blessings in my life? No way. Not me.  But, the Lord has been faithful and has proven his love for me by pulling me through each and every new day.  God's gift of salvation is the greatest blessing of my life.  I can't imagine where I'd be without it! After all and any blessing ever apparent in my life, it makes it so hard to complain... although sometimes I think I have a lot to complain about. And honestly, somehow, I still do find myself complaining. How? Yeh, exactly....I don't know. Well...I find my biggest dilemma these days is school. I am to the point sometimes where I just want to give up. I have pushed myself too hard. I'm taking way too many classes while working way too hard. I'm physically wearing myself out to the point of exhaustion. Is it worth it in the end? Who knows the answer? Except God through his will??! I wish I knew the Lord's will sometimes. But, without the mystery of His will, there would never be any trust. So for now, that's all I can do... trust the Lord...my favorite verse that has gotten me through anything:
*Psalm 27:14*
"Wait in the Lord, be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord."

It starts!!! :o)

Well I've finally been introduced to the 'wonderful' world of blogging. Ya know it just makes perfect  sense... seeing as to this day, I still write with a pen and paper in my journal.. that only ends up with hand cramps. Plus, this is sooo much faster! I'm sure I'll enjoy wearing my emotions, feelings, and thoughts on my computer sleeve here but hopefully I and anyone else will enjoy it. So here it starts! lol