Saturday, August 27, 2011

*Catchin Up!!!*

Where to start, oh where to start!?!? I guess with our big day! It was the best day of my life. It was simply perfect and I couldn't ever ask for anything more. There's just no way to even begin to describe it all! Pictures say a million words, so that's what we've got pictures and albums for. I'll never forget the moment when I got to the end of the grass, turned to face the isle and look up to see my prince charming at the other end of it! I could not wait to get down there, I honestly think I was pulling my dad along next to me as I ran down the isle! ;) Jk, but that's how excited I was. As much as I was excited, I was so nervous! Not seeing him until that moment was so priceless. I'm so glad we decided to do it that way! The look on his face was even better than any butterflies in my tummy! He looked all of ecstatic, happy, in love, excited, nervous, like-he-was-about-to-pass-out, lol, as anyone could ever be!! It was finally here! The day and all of the countless priceless memories that came along with it we've been waiting for!! Since the night of our first date, we'd been inseparable and this was the day that would make up inseparable officially! ;) It's soOoOo exciting! To be married.. is.. wonderfully wonderful! I am loving it. Now, I have YET to ever cook for my boyfriend/fiance'/husband... but I'm working on it.. kinda! lol. My excuse was always when I'm done with school or when we get married, I'll start cooking- I'll have more time! Then when I finished, I started my job, then got engaged, and it's just been going non-stop! Now, all this stuff with my Grandaddy is taking up a lot of time and stress and my sanity! :( That story's could be it's own blog.. but to recap for later- he went in for a regular routine in and out outpatient surgery. It ended up getting infected. Went in for surgery to clean it out. Started having back pain and they couldn't control it so of course then HE went out of control and all the pain meds and medicines they'd give him to calm him down started taking negative affects on him (hallucinations, craziness!). He went to another hospital to finish out antibiotics. Things only kept escalating. Physical therapy started getting painful and eventually he couldn't even go bc of pain, his foot dragging, who knows... I was on my honeymoon! :) (That's next!) Well when I get home, he was at another hospital and had had another surgery!!! This time, they told me he'd absolutely gone crazy, was in restraints, and were going to send him to the Psychiatric hospital downtown. Okay...!? He gets there, there's no bed, so while waiting in the ER for a bed up there, they do an assessment and find that his leg is ice cold, swollen, and white/shiny. (any nurse would automatically think blood clot but obviously ppl who had been taken care of him are idiots and were more worried about his crazy mind that his surgical sites/medical care?! idiots. ) So yep, right away, they take him in for another surgery to try and get the clot-- bad news! The clot's been there at least a week! Eventually after waiting a week or so and watching his leg turn black, oh yes, what do they do!? Amputate his leg mid thigh and down! YUP! YEH...! uuuughh. Makes me sick and honestly, ashamed to be a nurse and be called the same thing as those idiots! jkdajgkakg. Who knows what's going to happen. All we can do at this point is pray and be as supportive as possible. He seems like he's giving up some days, while others he'll be determined to get out of there. It's a very sad situation. Grandaddy has always told me that I'm the 'strong one' in our family. It has seemed to prove itself true and I've been able to see what he's meant all these years through this very situation. I've definitely broken down once or twice, but it's held in usually, I'm able to be okay in front of everyone, be there for my sisters, and I'll break down later alone. I don't necessarily know if I'll enjoy always having that title, but I'm glad I have it and I hope my sisters can count of me for some sort of strength in any situation...! Well this is supposed to be Molly's Smiles so we'll stop that!! lol. The honeymoon---oh my goodness! I did NOT want to leave!!! I asked Sandals in Jamaica if they needed a nurse, lol! Shooot, I could live there alllll the time! We had the time of our lives! Countless memories, moments, smiles, laughs, relaxation, and just all together great fun times! I'll definitely go back in a heartbeat! We had our own lil villa down the beach, our own private pool/patio/butler. Ah, it was awesome! My favorite part was the fact that we could pick up the butler phone and be like hey Tarrick! Can you bring me a big plate of nachos and cheese, lots of cheese of course, along with a *Jamaican Smile*?? (our favorite mixed drink in Jamaica) Bring it to the main pool!! Hhahaha! Good times! We met some friends, which we'll hopefully keep in contact with! Jeff wearing Georgia shirts and Braves hats all around brought us lots of attention and that's of course, how we met our friends- football talk! Haha! Well since we've been home, married life has been lovely! We've started redoing the house, finally!! I can finally fix OUR house! I've been waiting for it to be mine before I start tearin things down and out! Haha! I'll eventually be posting before/after photos... every room a night and day difference!! Yikes! I love his parents to death but I honestly have NO earthly idea what they were thinking when decorating this house! ;) ahhh! Haha! :) I'm glad I actually got a few minutes to update my life on a computer journal! Jeff left yesterday for the hurricane work so I've had a lil extra spare time! Welp, my eyelids are getting heavy. Yes, it's Saturday night at 9:22 but I worked my lil tail off for 13 hours today and I get to wake up pretty soon and do it all over again! Yippy skippy!!! :) Til next time! Tootalu!!