Friday, May 6, 2011

*Yippy Skippy*

OOOOOOOOONNNNNNLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYY 49, yes 49 days people til I marry the love of my life! :) Holy Wedding Bells!! I cannot believe it's this close! That's craziness! Pure craziness I tell ya! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! So much to do and so little time to do it in! Yikes!!!! So ummm our place only hold about 220 tops, right?! Well, without knowing it, our lists kept growing and growing and we kinda accidently sent invitations for oh only about 300 or more people! I sent out the invitations only 3 days ago I think and already every single RSVP that's come back to me is a yes yes yes yes we're coming. Double yikes! I have a feeling we're gonna be just a liiiiitttle crunched in our ol venue! But ya know what, it's all gravy baby! The funny thing is, only about 70 of those 300+ are people I know! The other 230, no clue! I'm sure everyone's gonna want to meet me but I'm gonna tell ya, I WILL be on the dancefloor at my own wedding lol! I prob won't last too long runnin around meeting people, although I want to! Not enough time, I can already tell! Buuuut hmm. I think it hit me the other day. I was just sitting here thinkin. Aaand just bust out in tears. Happy tears of course. I was just thinking about everything that's happened that's brought me to this place. It's hard to believe that such a rough road would turn into the red carpet if ya know what I mean. Just wow. Those tears represent a lot and I am just so SO so happy, it's not even funny! As hard as I try, I just cannot describe it. I probably never will be able to. I know how lucky I am to have such a sweet man as my everything. What a love. My love. Forever and ever and a day. No doubt. When I was tearing up I also thought about this... ummm I have a feeling I'm gonna cry on my wedding day. lol. As much I don't cry and as happy as I am and will be, I think the real hitting me will occur that day and I'm gonna lose it. Haha! But, alllll happy tears! :) Wow, only 49 days.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippy trippy skippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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